COMING SOON! 2020: Year I Rise Journal
COMING SOON! 2020: Year I Rise Journal
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About Us

In 2019, Lotus Woman Rising™ community founder Susan Eckert awoke. Spiritually.

She says her awakening was life-changing. So much so that after having run a successful 6-figure women's portrait photography studio for 12 years, she decided to make a major transition and dedicate her life and work to the spiritual awakening of other women.

A writer, educator, and healer, Susan pursued further study in healing tools & techniques--receiving attunements in Reiki, and the Seraphim Angel Blueprint. Although she has an MA in Psychology from Columbia University, Susan also returned to her roots prior to photography and became certified as a life/transformation coach and mindfulness meditation instructor. Currently, she is also working on certification as an NLP, hypnosis, & Chakradance facilitator.

"Living life while spiritually awake is SOOOOOO amazing!" she says. "It's like living life in 5D--where all of a sudden your awareness extends WAY beyond what you ever imagined even existed. I want to have as many tools as possible in my arsenal so that I can support women however necessary in their own spiritual transformation."

Lotus Woman on the Rise™--the online shop--supports her community-based work and brings women soul-inspired products, gifts, and tools to aid in their own spiritual journeys. From chakra balancing bracelets, to sacred geometry tools, to crystals and journals--the spiritual woman will find many diverse treasures to support her in her growth.

Join us on Instagram and FB! We'd love to have you join us in 2020--the year we collectively support one another in our RISE!